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Connect with like-minded composers who share your passion while learning from industry experts.

Join our private community of new and aspiring video game composers where you can interact from your desktop or mobile device in our very own Members Network – a private, beautiful, fully-functional social network just for VGM Academy members.  Join us for monthly Q&A sessions with industry experts and get access to the replays afterwards for as long as you’re a member.

Get help from myself and from other composers in the community, receive feedback on your compositions, and help shape the future of VGM Academy during its first year.  Also, meet some really great people who share and understand your dream of writing great music for video games.

Engage with members-only content in a private, connect with other members using Private and All-Network chat, and more.

This is a small, exclusive community away from the hobbyists and the people who don’t understand your dream.

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Here are some screenshots of the inside of our Members Network:

So fancy!  We're adding new courses and lessons on an ongoing basis.  The next several lessons added will be in the Marketing 101 course pictured below:

Member Testimonials:

Members-Only Q&A Calls with Industry Experts

CEO & Producer Shota Nakama, who worked on Final Fantasy XV, the Kingdom Hearts series, and more.  Darren Korb, Audio Director for Supergiant Games.  Russell Brower, former Blizzard Sr. Director of Audio.  Since beginning these monthly Q&As, we’ve had amazing talks with some of the best in the business – and we have more coming!  Tap into decades of experience across different disciplines in the game audio space.  You don’t want to miss the next one!

Get YOUR Questions Answered by the Experts – LIVE

All questions asked during live Expert Q&A Calls are MEMBER questions, curated live and in-advance (for folks who can’t make the live call). No hoping that the interviewer asks a question that you have. No traveling to expensive live events and waiting in line.  Your questions, answered by the best of the best – and you can watch the replays as many times as you want. 

What Members are Saying:

“Coolest thing I’ve attended in years.”

“This was a real treat.  I’d like to watch it again.”

“Those interviews are really a joy to hear and experience. Thank you, Dan, for organizing them. It’s really something special. “

“I just finished watching your interview with [Steven Melin] and your marketing video, and it’s fired me up to get a portfolio finished with a website by the end of this month.”

“I could get up at 3am everyday for this.”  (one of our overseas members)

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Come join our community and commit to your dream of being a game music composer.